Welcome to the Bright Line Eating Scholarship Program!

Bright Line Eating is on a mission: to transform one million Bright Bodies by 2030.

Bright Line Eating provides a roadmap for how to lose all your excess weight and keep it off forever, while living free from food cravings, food obsession, and insatiable hunger. We are determined to share that roadmap with anyone in the world who needs it…and is willing to do what it takes to live Bright.

We were resolved from the beginning that we would strive to create a world in which everyone will have access to our system, regardless of their financial circumstances. So our policy from day one has been to assist as many people as possible who need additional financial support to enroll in our programs. We also put out a tremendous amount of free (and free-with-a-library-card) resources on our unusual and radically successful approach to weight loss, so people who choose not to enroll in our paid programs can still experience the transformation.

We have a limited number of partial scholarships available to our programs. If you would like to apply, please click here to begin the process.

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