Scholarship Program



Welcome to the Bright Line Eating Scholarship Program website!

Bright Line Eating was founded on a mission: to provide a roadmap for people to lose all their excess weight and keep it off forever. We are determined to share that roadmap with anyone in the world who needs it and is willing to do what it takes.

We were resolved from the beginning that everyone should have access to our courses, regardless of financial circumstances. So the policy from day one has been that no one gets turned away for an inability to pay.

Whenever we found out that someone wasn’t signing up for one of our courses because they couldn’t pay for it, either because they posted something on social media or they wrote in, the Customer Support team worked with them to figure out what they could afford to invest. And if it was nothing, then it was nothing.

From the founding of Bright Line Eating in August of 2014, until July of 2019, we have given over $1.5 million in scholarships.

During those years, a lot of people wrote in and said they wanted to pay for someone else to be able to do the Boot Camp or Bright Lifers because the transformation they had experienced was so powerful. We were able to take in and distribute $3000 in generous contributions, but we know it could have been more if we’d had a system set up for donations.

The extremes of wealth and poverty in the world can feel unfair. At Bright Line Eating, we believe one way to help rectify this disparity is for people to recognize when they have excess and to generously give. Generosity is one of the core values at Bright Line Eating—you’ll find it on our website. We also believe in creating a community that’s safe and inclusive where people learn how to give and receive help, where the bonds in the community become so strong because we have a network of people who are giving and receiving love in both tangible and intangible ways.

So now we have an official Scholarship Program! From this website, you can both claim a scholarship and donate to the fund. You’ll see two buttons on this page: “DONATE” and “APPLY.” Both of those buttons go to further explanations of what’s involved in the process of donating or applying.

Bright Line Eating hasn’t stopped giving. Our promise to you is that we will match every single dollar you give to our scholarship fund–and then some.

Thank you for visiting our Scholarship Program website!

Click donate or click apply, and we’ll see you on the inside.